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Buying a category A license is a way to get behind the wheel of a motorcycle in the shortest possible time, without postponing for later. Getting a license quickly and inexpensively is not a dream, but a reality. See for yourself by contacting the services of our company.
Category A rights give what?
Category A license is a mandatory driving document that allows you to get behind the wheel of a motorcycle, the volume of which is more than 125 cc. In addition, this document allows you to drive a four—wheeled vehicle with a weight of less than 400 kg. Taking into account the modern norms of our country, every citizen who has reached the age of 18 can get category A rights.
How to get category A rights quickly and easily?
In the company OnPrava you can buy a motorcycle license very quickly / В компании OnPrava можно мото права купить очень быстро.
The negative features of the standard rights acquisition are immediately visible. The future driver needs not only to pay for training, but also for the services of an instructor, obtaining medical certificates. Of course, people who do not have driving skills should not avoid the standard procedure. But if you know how to drive a motorcycle, and also know the rules of traffic regulations, then you can buy a category A license. Such a method of obtaining a driver's license will save you stress, save time and money.
The company OnPrava is ready to help everyone to get a certificate, including citizens of other countries, deprived drivers. We are always ready to find a way out of any, even difficult situation. Our main advantages include:
Real time savings. You do not need to undergo training, take exams, collect documents.
No need to undergo a medical examination.
There is no need to worry about passing exams.
We will take care of all the difficulties associated with obtaining a category A driver's license. You are only required to fill out an application on our company's website, or contact the operator at the specified number.
The purchase of a motorcycle is always accompanied by the registration of a driver's license of category A. The standard scheme for obtaining a license is accompanied by various difficulties:
You can take the exam in the traffic police only after completing training at an accredited driving school.
Training takes a long time, extra costs are needed both to pay for the driving school itself and for classes with an instructor.
It is necessary to pass the exam both in the driving school itself and in the traffic police.
The traffic police exam includes three parts — passing the theoretical part, practical driving in the city and on the racetrack.
Given this, it will not be possible to quickly obtain category A rights using the standard scheme. Without training in a driving school, a person is simply not allowed to take the exam. Not everyone manages to pass it the first time.
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