There is fast change in technology; daily it seems the present ruling is replaced by the next great thing. Many business owners are anxious about making some upgrade in technology, but they fear that this equipment will soon be outdated in few months.
While being updated with technology require some investment, the price to be paid for being behind is even greater. You can still be technology pertinent and still be wise with your business finances. There are some unnoticed ways to reduce the cost: below are some of them:
Spend up-front on important equipment that will last longer
Rather than going for a white box or a cloned PC, you should consider purchasing a brand name Pc that gives you warranty together with service agreement. You should also aim at the future and only invest in flexible software and hardware that can grow along with your business. For example: purchasing a PC with a much faster processor.
Combine both telephone service and internet into a package
This is an amazing way to save more money on monthly basis by paying a uniform rate. By doing this you are also saving time because you are billed for one simple bill rather than using too much time in paying different bills. There are several companies that provide bundle packages which include international and local telecommunication as well as fast internet and web hosting.
Centralize location to manage and watch over critical updates, antivirus application, backups and your business files and documents
Even when you have an IT staff or you outsource to an IT service provider, you will save time and lessen the cost when you have a central location for managing these items. It takes lot of time to update antivirus, OS patches, update workstations and to backup all workstation personally every day. By having a central location for all equipment, you take out the risk of losing data due to human errors or confusion for which is the most updated documents.
It might be expensive to buy hardware and software to be managed in a fixed server, but you will be saving yourself from future expenses and your workers will spend more time in being more productive rather than on working on updates and backups for their personal workspace.
Implement a “Suitable use” policy for your employees
A large amount of work hour is being lost because of employee access to an internet connection. Surfing the internet do not just take employees time from working, it also increases the risk of a business being exposed to viruses. It is highly advisable to implement a suitable use for employees for the equipment that they have access to.
Change your approach in technology from “fixing when broken” to regular maintenance
It saves money to prevent a problem rather than fixing them. We can notice this from a car, when you change the oil on a regular basis, there is a higher chance of preventing expensive repairs. This also applies to technology, by doing this you will also be saving money when things get broken because there is someone who knows more on your configurations and network. The difference is the money you have between IT service providers who know less about your network, versus a person who have full knowledge about it.
Have a plan
By having your own plan and knowing your goals, it is possible you won’t be spending on less important expenditures. Try to stick to your plan. Be flexible if you are sure the changes are genuine and reasonable. By making a plan you could also budget for just IT and might only result in less spending.
Going with an IT service consultant who provides you with planning service proves how their approach will support your business.
 You might have other ways to save money depending on your business IT needs or configurations of your network. However, you could be missing out on a lot of saving if you have someone who is knowledgeable and responsible for your system. Either outsourcing or you have an employee responsible for your IT; ensure they are always searching for a way to lessen the cost while they focus on achieving the goals for your business.