I want to have sex with a little lover doll!”


If you have a best real doll about 100cm, it will be easier to take care of.”


There are not only life-size realistic dolls, but also small dolls about 100 cm in size. A love doll of about 100 cm is about the size of a kindergarten child or a first grader.


Having sex with a little girl like this is unrealistic, but only possible with love dolls.


In this article, I will introduce the charm of our recommended 100cm love doll and 6 small love dolls.


Recently, there are more and more small love dolls around 100 cm. There are many reasons other than ease of use and cheapness.


Not just for sex, but for viewing

Because it is a small size of 100 cm, it can also be used for viewing purposes and is attractive. It feels like a slightly larger plastic model, so it’s bound to look cute either standing or sitting on a shelf.


as a dress up model

One of the ways to enjoy your flat chested sex doll is to change clothes. It would be a great way to play with the love doll as a dress up doll.


Especially since it is only 100 cm small, you can change clothes in various ways. You can also enjoy wearing your own clothes.


The downside of enjoying a change of clothes is that the size of the clothes is too small for children’s clothing only.


Legal Sex With JS


A height of 100 cm is about the size of a first grade or kindergarten child. Obviously, having sex with elementary school and kindergarten children is illegal.


However, love dolls will make such dreams come true. Dress like a kindergartener and have sex, or have sex with a schoolbag on your back.


Even though it’s illegal in the real world, it’s legal because it’s a love doll.


Easy to store and use


The advantage of 100cm is that it is easy to store because it is small. For a realistic humanoid figure like 160cm, there are many positional problems. If it’s 100cm, it can be stored as if sitting on a shelf, which is a good point.


Best of all, it’s easy to use. Because it is small and light, you can have sex in the position you like.


relatively cheap

The 100cm love doll is relatively cheap because it uses less material. Also, shipping may be cheaper if you buy online.


Many people who buy love dolls for the first time will stop buying because of “pricing”.


The shemale sex dolls has a low purchase threshold and is easy to use. It is recommended for lover doll beginners.

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