9 Arrested for Distribution of Stolen Bulletproof Vests

On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announced that it had arrested nine people, including a number of U.S. marines, for stealing bulletproof vests and other military controlled items meant for U.S. forces in Iraq, according to ICE’s Feb. 22 release.To get more news about green bullet proof vest, you can visit bulletproofboxs.com official website.

Some of the vests were later sold over the Internet, and illegally shipped to ICE agents posing as buyers.At a time when our troops in Iraq need all the body armor they can get, it is extremely troubling to see bulletproof vests destined for those troops being stolen from our military bases at home for resale to the public,” ICE Assistant Secretary Julie L. Myers said in the release. “It is even more troubling that individuals would try to sell these items for profit to people they believe were international arms dealers.”
One of those arrested, Erika Jardine, a Vista, Calif. native, was sentenced on Wednesday to six months in prison, three years supervised released, two years of community service and a fine of $6,500 for exporting munitions without a license.

The investigation of Jardine was first launched in June 2004 after it was discovered that she was distributing controlled U.S. technology to eBay bidders. During these investigations, undercover agents bought 18 Outer Tactical Vests (OTVs) that had been stolen from military bases.

Information gleaned from the Jardine investigation led ICE agents to a number of Marines stationed at Georgia’s Camp Pendleton.

In total, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has identified 12 Marines as suspects, 8 of whom have already been arrested and charged with stealing government property.