If you want to hire a company for Secure Transportation in Brazil, There are several ways. First you want to ensure they are employed by a professional company that has the necessary licenses, insurance, etc. You also want to ensure they have received the proper training in close protection from reputable instructors or a reputable program.

You don’t say if you are coming from another country like the US or UK or if you are a Brazilian or from some other country. If from the US or UK you can likely find a close protection firm there that has vetted representatives in Brazil. Be advised this will be more expensive - maybe much more expensive - but you may have a level of quality control and a “closer throat to choke” so to speak if the service is not up to standard.

If sourcing close protection in Brazil you may want to ask for recommendations from colleagues in corporate security departments if you have any. If nothing else - spend time to ask questions, ask for references, training certificates and who provided them, etc.

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