You probably picture royal jewellery with prominent enamel designs in red, green, and white on various pieces of jewellery, right? To be clear, if you've seen the Bollywood epic Jodha Akbar, you've probably seen the extravagant jewellery worn by Jodha, aka Aishwarya Rai. This stunning jewellery is an example of meenakari work.

Meenakari jewellery is a great option because it looks great and is fairly affordable! Additionally, you can purchase meenakari jewellery online at Ciero jewels and browse to your heart's content. Meenakari jewellery has everything you need, from stunning jewellery sets to statement earrings and kundan meenakari jewellery. Here are some pretty pieces displayed at the minimum price from Ciero jewels.

Meenakari Necklace Set:-

This is the one for you if you want to go all out with an exquisite meenakari necklace set or if you want to make a statement over a light lehenga. This meenakari necklace set can be ordered online, and you can also have it customized based on the colours of your outfit! You can find affordable ranges between 1000-2000 INR at Ciero jewels.

Are you looking for a Meenakari necklace made in the style of Raani Haar or temple jewellery? We've found just the thing for you. Wear the long golden meenakari necklace with a carved pendant, enamel details, encrusted stones, and multi-pearl bead strings to give your blouse that wow factor!

Kundan Meenakari earrings:-

Meenakari pearls and stones adorn these earrings, which will enhance your overall appearance with their fine polish and gleam. Because they are made of metal and are light, these earrings are easier to wear on your ears. You can wear them to any party or event to brighten up your outfit. The budget for these earrings is 299-499 INR. 

Meenakari Tribal Earrings:-

Buy Meenakari tribal earrings for a traditional look. Ethnic and chic earrings make you look better. Earrings and other jewellery are perfect for a variety of formal and party events. It is ethnic jewellery that can be worn to wedding receptions and engagement parties. Buy the best tribal earrings at 1100 INR at ceiro jewels.

Peacock Minakari Bangles Set:-

The Minakari Glass bangles set is very elegant, stylish, and glossy. We make excellent gifts for your mother, sister, wife, and girlfriend. Beautiful designer colour bangles can be worn for any occasion, including birthdays, marriages, engagements, and parties. Bangles for both daytime and evening wear that can be worn with any outfit. Also, it comes in multicolour so you can wear it on any dress without a match. 

 Meenakari Work Oxidised Silver Necklace Set:-

The best prices for the Meenakari Work Oxidized Silver Necklace Set can be found online in India. Ciero Jewels offers a chic Meenakari Work Oxidized Silver Necklace Set by an antique designer for girls and women. Prices for necklaces vary according to the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. In our fashion jewellery collection, genuine Meenakari Work Oxidised Silver Necklace Set sets are available at the most affordable prices.


What is the use of gold in minakari jewellery?

Gold is used for enhancing the luster of art while bringing out a variety of colours beautifully. 


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