I've been a hard sporting gaming enthusiast for a very long time. With sports stopping half way I don't see MT NBA 2K21, The Show, and Madden can even coming out using 2021 games. They ca updates players stats based on real-life sports. I know that NBA and MLB are coming back but how the pandamic is going I don't forsee it really being completely in the way they think it will. In spite of the NFL already cutting at 2 pre season games that I do not believe they'll actually have a season. 2K and the other popular sports gambling companies will need to come with regards to earning NBA 2K for 2021 is not realistic.

On the website to preorder it says that if you get the next gen mamba you'll find the gen regular. I get that fine but it says when I get bodily next gen, that's where the code will be for the present gen. So wtf is the point of growing mamba second gen if at the time that comes out that I will not require the present gen code.On 2K's website it states that they send you a physical copy of PS5 mamba edition using a code inside for your standard ps4 edition, that should get to us round the launching of 2K21 so we'll just be hanging onto the deluxe until the consoles come out. You're right the physical copy you need to wait for the PS5 to come out, though you're able to play with with the gen online launching if you purchase the digital.

Why are the bonus VC listed for the gen but not in another gen? And will the current gen game come as download when the standard release for the ones that are getting the next gen Mamba? If not and it is coming out with the next gen game, what is the purpose? There's two bonuses for current-gen one for next-gen. When you purchase NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X digitally, a digital copy of this current-gen variant of NBA 2K21 is going to be added to the PlayStation or Xbox account. It will be playable in your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console once NBA 2K21 has launched on September 4.

Do the bonuses stack? Given the VC wallet is supposed to transfer between both consoles, will the VC of these current-gen be transferred into the next-gen match together with the bonus? So I would have VC if I bought that the Mamba vs the VC? That is just for if I buy it digitally. What if my goals are to Buy NBA 2K21 MT a copy of the Mamba version that is next-gen? Will I never receive the current-gen version until NBA 2K is released? And if that's the case, is 2K forcing me to purchase the current-gen version if I wish to play both on launch day and need it?