Many times it can happen to us that, for one reason or another, we need to adjust an image. Whether it is in terms of size, brightness, quality or composition elements, we have no choice but to use a photo program and bring out our artistic side to achieve the effect we want.

The problem when this happens is that, if this is not one of our usual activities, it is difficult to find in our computer a suitable program for the task. Therefore, in order to solve our problem in time and continue working, we need a quick and efficient solution. Online programs and resources are then presented as the best alternative.

If you know where to look, on the net you will be able to find different options with which to solve these inconveniences in an agile way. Depending on the complexity of the task you demand you will be able to have more or less options, which will also vary if you think of investing some money for the task or if you simply want to do it with a free tool.

Whatever your situation is, we recommend you these 5 online tools to edit images that will surely solve your problem:

1) Photoshop Online

The online version of Photoshop doesn't allow too many actions for free, but you can do the basics and take a look at one of the most used programs in the field. If you are looking for a quality option, this is the first one you should consider. By the way, we often use it at

2) Lightroom

This software is gaining wide popularity since a few months. Experts speak of the "Lightroom effect" as something that can only be obtained with this program. The shades it offers make more and more photographers opt for this option, so in addition to a desktop version you can also find an online version with which to test the product and make the first creations.

3) Pixlr

Basically, Pixlr asks you to load your image and then start creating. You can add as many effects as you want and completely transform your pictures, from the smallest touches and changes to the most radical ones to get a completely new image. Its interface is very similar to Photoshop, but much simpler and more intuitive for inexperienced users.

4) Photo

With this tool you can not only edit images, but transform them into something totally new. You can create collages and cards with your photos and then put a color filter on them that will make them look much more special. This tool is especially useful for creating idea maps with images, generating a collage with photographs that refer to the same theme.

5) PicMonkey

With this editor you can also add something different to your compositions. In addition to overlaying images or adding text to your photos, you can make new creations from scratch. With its design tool you will be able to invent your own logos, covers and whatever you need, creating high quality works with just a couple of clicks.