British airway is the airline of the United Kingdom, and the airline's headquarters is located in London. The airline is the second-largest airline, and it operates domestically and internationally. The airline was founded on 25 August 1919. The passenger wants to get in touch with the airways, and they can use the customer service option, which is available on the airline web portal.


Use these different ways to connect with the representative. 

  • Provide a bell on the helpline number. 

A traveler requires the information How can I get through to British Airways, they can opt for the contact option. It is a medium to connect with someone as soon as possible and immediately get the information regarding the query. To connect with the airline representative on the call option, passengers can follow the given instructions: 

  1. Open the web portal of British Airways. 

  2. Click on the help and contact option. 

  3. Get the contact number of the airline, and use it. 

  4. Follow the IVR command and convey your query to the representative. 

  • Chat with the airline. 

Do you want to connect with British Airways customer service? You can use the chat option available on the airline's web portal. You can share your query on the chat option and get detailed information within seconds. It is the best option to communicate with a live person. Follow the instructions: 

  1. Go to the web portal of British Airways. 

  2. Click on the contact option and go to the chat option on the new page. 

  3. Provide the required details to start the chat. 

  4. Share your query and get the details.