Summary:- Many businesses use Microsoft Outlook, but when they switch to Gmail, they run into problems. They want to transfer all of their Outlook data, including the OST and PST, to their Gmail account. As a result, we've provided some of the simplest methods for you to import an OST file into Gmail along with email folders and attachments. Either the OST Converter or the GSMMO Tool can be used to complete this task. To help you with the importing procedure, we'd cover both approaches.

How to Import Emails into Gmail from an OST File

You can perform the OST to Gmail Migration using one of two popular ways. Given that it only requires a few easy steps, we would start by talking about the automatic software. Then, using the GSMMO application, you can investigate the manual process for importing OST file emails to Gmail.

Using OST to Gmail Converter, move OST to Gmail

The automated program used to transfer all emails from an OST file to Gmail doesn't even require the installation of MS Outlook. You only need to launch the Softaken OST to Gmail Importer>Add OST File>Mark OST File Emails>Select Gmail as the Saving Format. Login to Gmail securely > Import OST Files.

You can use the methods in detail below for a better understanding:-

  • Open the OST to Gmail Converter software after downloading it.


  • To Gmail, add the OST file you wish to integrate.
  • Mark the OST File communications and select Gmail as the saving file.
  • All of your OST file communications will be imported to Gmail once you authenticate your Gmail login.

Therefore, you can transfer all of your emails from your OST file to your Gmail account in just 4 simple steps. However, you can attempt the manual method to migrate OST to Gmail without software if you have good technical knowledge.

Using GSMMO, import an OST file into Gmail

The OST file can be imported manually using this technique, which consists of three main steps. You must carry out the following 3 crucial actions:-

  • Remove the OST File.
  • OST to PST conversion
  • Using the GSMMO Tool, import PST into Gmail

Extract the OST file in step one.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook, then select the File tab.
  • Select Account Settings after selecting the Account Settings choice.
  • Select the OST file that you want to upload into Gmail by clicking the Data Files tab.
  • After that, select Open File Location.
  • You can extract the OST file from the opened spot.

The OST file's default location is C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook, but this can vary depending on the user's choices for where to save the file.

You must change the OST file to PST after extracting it.

Step 2: OST to PST conversion

You must convert the OST file to PST to upload it into Gmail.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook, then select the File option.
  • Select Import/Export after selecting the Open & Export choice.
  • Next, select Next after selecting the Export to a File choice.
  • The Outlook Data File (.pst) option will need to be selected in a new dialog window that will appear.
  • Next, select the account whose emails you want to move to PST by clicking Next.
  • To continue, click Next, and then select a place to save the resulting PST file.
  • Your OST file will be converted to a PST file when you select Finish at the end.

You can use GSMMO Tool to transfer the PST file you converted from the OST file into your Gmail account.

Step 3: Use the GSMMO Tool to import PST into Gmail

Google Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook Tool is known as GSMMO. You can transfer the converted OST to a PST file with the aid of this free tool into Gmail. You can investigate the following steps:-

  • The G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook can be downloaded and launched.
  • After entering your login details, select Continue.
  • GSMMO will ask for access to your Google account on the sign-in screen, and you must grant it.
  • When a new dialog window appears, you must choose the choice labeled "From the PST file(s)" from the dropdown menu.
  • The location where all Outlook PST files are stored will be opened after clicking Next.
  • You can even add the location's file path to the PST file that you changed from an OST in the Address bar.
  • By selecting the Next option, the PST file will be imported.
  • After making any necessary adjustments to the migration options, click on Migrate.
  • The PST migration procedure has begun, and when it is finished, you will receive a confirmation.

You can now enter into your Gmail account and view the imported PST file in the Left Pane. This is the process for importing an OST file into Gmail. You must convert it to PST first, and then use the GSMMO Tool to transfer that file into Gmail.

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You are free to select any one of your two choices for OST to Gmail migration. If you believe that the manual technique takes too much time, you can use the OST Converter Software right away. The best part of using the software is that the OST to Gmail Conversion can be completed in just a few simple steps without requiring you to go through a long process.

Questions and Answers

  • How do I transfer only emails from my OST account that don't have attachments into Gmail?

Ans- The choice to migrate emails without attachments exists if all you want to do is move your emails from your OST File to Gmail. Only emails from the OST File will be migrated when this functionality is enabled.

  • Is using Softaken OST Converter to migrate from OST to Gmail safe?

Ans – Yes, it is software that is 100% secure to download and use on every version of Windows and Mac. All of the information in your OST file can be transferred to your Gmail account using this program.