Like Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo has a case as NBA 2K22 MT the greatest basketball player of all time. He's coming off the greatest NBA Finals performance of all time and is also the only player in the NBA who is the main driving force for the team's defense and offense.

The only other player who comes near is Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers. As the reigning NBA champ, Giannis Antetokounmpo won every part of his 96 overall. His dominance is expected to remain in NBA 2K22 in the near future.

Badges are an integral part of every MyPlayer build for NBA 2K22. They can be the difference between a poor build that won't perform well in online or offline play as well as a good build that is able to do the job. This is why it is important to not overlook this aspect of your build, especially when looking for defensive or rebounding badges. If you're looking for some guidance on what badges to make sure that your build has then let's review our picks.

Power forwards, centers and centers might consider putting this badge into their plans. A Ball Stripper badge gives the wearer the likelihood of forcing a turning point when trying for a strip layup or dunk near a basket. This can be a valuable device when weaker players attempt to take on the paint and be very helpful when forcing turnovers.

Point guards, but more important, shooting guards small, and power forwards should have an Clamps badge. Clamps was probably the best badge to wear in NBA 2K21 and it's returning for 2K22. Clamps increases the holders' abilities to stay in front of the ball's handlers on the sidelines.

Clamps are a great option for players who want access to faster cut moves and are more efficient when bumping on the handler of the ball. This badge is vital for anyone who wants to have a chance to NBA 2K Coins stop sharp-shooting guards and forwards that have an inclination to drop mid-range shots. This badge will let you stay in front, and therefore, provide you with greater chance of getting hands in front and preventing the shot from being clean.