You are moving out from your existing place, and you think that packing your stuff and move out will be the immediate things to do, then you are wrong. There will be plenty of things that you need to follow if you really want to get the smooth exit with the deposit amount. You need to remember that the payment you make as the security deposit that will never be a smaller amount and to get back the same, you have to organize a perfect move out. Want to know what those are, then here the article is for you. Read it and gather the information.

Give the notice

You need to provide the notice to the landlord before the one month or at the time, the contract demands. Don’t forget to provide the same in written because verbal communication has no proof. So, keep these things in mind and take care of the same when the moving date is fixed. If the moving out is done at the time when the contract is ended, then you can skip this step but you should be sure that there should be no provision of auto-renewal. So, keep this in mind for a perfect exit. This is as important as finding the right packers and movers in Gurgaon for making the relocation awesome.

Pay all your dues

You should be sure that all your payments related to the maintenance and more should be paid. There will be plenty of tenants who just forget about the same, and it can be a problem at the end. So, take your time to make the payments, but it should be cleared till the last date of your stay.

Clear everything

Whatever you have come with, you have to bring back the same. If you have huge furniture and you are just leaving it by thinking that other tenants will love it, then you are making mistaking. You should bring or donate or just throw that out. Along with the same, there will be packers and movers Gurgaon who clearly deny carrying many things and that will be for your safety. But you also need to throw that properly out of your rental rooms. So, keep everything rightly cleared from your apartment before the move. Otherwise, it can be possible that you need to pay the charge for managing the works by the landlord and the payment may be more than the usual. So, keep that in mind and clear all your stuff and make it just like the way, you have taken the entrance.

Fix the damages

If you are the reason for any damage that is done unwillingly by you, then also fixing the same will be your responsibility. If the movers and packers do the same while shifting the goods, then also you need to make that repaired properly. What terms you have with the shifting organization that will be your call, but making that perfect just like the way it way, you need to do before handing over your keys.


You need to clean the place; otherwise, the landlord will take it from your deposits. You need to remember that you should clean every corner so that it gets the right look. You should be sure that you manage to clean the sport on the walls. So, keep doing the same perfectly, make the floor and carpet surface properly vacuumed, and make it just awesome. Don’t skip cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, so that there will be no problems in any corner related to cleaning. If you are not able to do it on your own, then hire the experts but doing it properly done will not be optional, this is the need. So, arrange it perfectly.

Take a picture

When everything will be fixed, then don’t forget to take the picture because there will be proof with you what you leave at the time of moving out. Try to schedule an inspection as well before your move, so that no confusion creates. Otherwise, this picture will help you to establish the truth that you have done everything perfect, no stone unturned.

Let everyone know

After doing the same, this will be your responsibility to give the details of the new address, so that you get your deposit amount back. Along with the same, you should inform the same to the maintenance and utility service providers, so that you don’t need to pay any extra bill. Make this organized and then you may think that your moving out from the apartment will be perfect.

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Regardless, you have the information about the things that you need to do. Once, you have made that perfect, and hire the packers and movers from Moving Solutions, the trusted relocation portal, then you can relax as the rest related to the move will be safer as every step is taken outstandingly. Best of luck!