We live in a concrete jungle that is depleted is already running thin on good oxygen, fresh sunlight and some lively vibrancy. Your home, is your little environment that adds zest to your life, adds comfort to your soul. Have you always dreamed of a place that is fresh, fragrant and soothing to the eyes?

Picture this, your bare walls are well decorated with an array of fresh flowers using fresh flower delivery done by Uaeflowers.com. Now, add much-needed personality to your room using our flower delivery in Dubai as we fix it up for you.

Here are 12 amazing wall designs for you

    1. The Mesh Wall – Create a criss-cross mesh, and order fresh flower delivery that can be decorated in it. Fresh lilies, or roses. Pick your favourite flowers and go all crazy with the decorations

    2. The hanging pots – Imagine we fix up with the most gorgeous pot of fresh flowers. With fresh flowers delivery, you can quickly call in these flowers and ready your bare wall before the next party 

    3. Breathe life into the dull kitchen – You spend a lot of time in your kitchen space, make it people friendly with the help of our florist in Dubai. If the light is a problem, you can choose low maintenance flowers for your kitchen wall

    4. Design your workspace wall – If you are someone who works from home, then you know the importance of having a fun workspace. Now, amplify your workspace with fresh flowers delivery that you can quickly order from us. Beautify your work table wall. 

    5. Wall-mounted flowers near chill space – Now revamp your favourite corner in your home, where you like to sit and do some reading. Because of our flower delivery Dubai, you can completely revamp your favourite section. 

    6. Jazz up the wall next to your window – Your window brings in all the light, which makes it the perfect place for the best flowers. Our experts specialise in working out a whole new set up for you that can benefit from this. 

    7. Try the art corner – Do you have art running in your blood? How about setting up wall frames with live fresh flowers that make it look stunning. Your artistic mind must reflect in all your home décor. 

    8. Try Plant pockets – These are quaint unused corners of walls that can be set up as a Hubspot for fresh flowers. Now order flowers and we will have it delivered in no time. These plant pockets are a great way of adding a touch of nature in your rooms. 

    9. Reused plastic space – Plant your fresh flowers in a corner that is dedicated to reusing all your monthly plastic waste like water bottles, shampoo bottles and turn them into living wall décor. 

    10. Your live bathroom wall décor – It’s been increasingly observed that people are decking up their bathroom space because it is usually the most dead. Liven up space with our fresh flower delivery. 

    11. Beautify your balcony – Your balcony space could work out as a quiet corner that calms you, gives you a breath of fresh air and refreshes your mind. We can be the perfect flower delivery partner for you. Pick monthly flower themes and jazz up your balcony. 

    12. The bedroom wall – Your bedroom is the perfect private space that lets you be unabashedly you! With the delivery of our fresh flowers in Dubai, we can give you quick access to some of the freshest flowers around. 

Ready make your home a stunning piece of living art, that promotes inner peace, freshness and natural warmth? Just visit our www.uaeflowers.com and revamp your dry walls to living walls.