Digestion is the process by which the food eaten is broken down into smaller and is absorbed into the body.

(Digestive Organs

1. Mouth

2. Esophagus

3. Stomach

4. Small Intestine

5. Large Intestine.

When we take food it mixed with saliva in our mouth.

The saliva is produced in the salivary gland. The saliva helps to soften it, after chewing, it swallowed and pass down to the Esophagus (gullet) which is a long tube connecting the mouth to the stomach.

When the food gets to the stomach, gastric juice will act on it and it will be passed to the small intestine, the useful one will enter into the body through the Villi and the useless ones will be passed to the large intestine where it will come out as faeces through the anus.

After digestion, carbohydrates food will be converted to glucose, protein is converted to amino acid, fat and oil is converted to fatty acid.

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