The club also dove into Madden nfl 22 coins the competitive side of gaming by challenging high schoolers who hail from Washington in the nation in a variety of esports.

The team has played in events such as "Mario Kart" and "League of Legends," but with little results, but the victory of Velazquez may help propel the club. Wood revealed that the club's "Super Smash Bros." team is close to the state playoffs competition and is undefeated.

"I believe there are more people who are like Jair in your average school than you might think," Wood said. "People who are super-fast at video games but haven't had an outlet to have it become anything more than random matchmaking on the internet."

After moving into Lake Stevens in the fall of 2019, Velazquez wasn't able to spend much time in school until the doors were shut in spring. Velazquez claimed he met people with the video game club but hasn't met in person. But, the kids yell each other on during each competition.

Velazquez stated that he's played with the Madden franchise since players like Vince Young and Brett Favre were featured on the game's cover during the latter part of the aughts. It's been more than half of his life.

He also said that his brother -- who is more than five years older than him -hasn't defeated him in the digital gridiron since the year 2014. "He'll normally get mad but it's not a problem," Velazquez said. A football enthusiast, Velazquez said he has aspirations to be a football commentator or cheap Mut 22 coins coach someday in the future. He acknowledges the video game can't be as accurate as the real deal, however, he believes that it aids to improve his knowledge of the sport.