The Parts in a MLA Research Paper Format
MLA research paper format has its own set of rules and regulations that needs to be followed by the writer. Here are the set of rules that should be followed by the writer:

The paper that is used for the research paper should be an 81/2- by 11- inch paper. Use a proper quality paper tat does not smudge or anything. The same paper should be used for the entire research paper.

Leave a one inch margin on all sides of the paper. The margin should be four sided and the distance should be equal. The paragraphs should be indented by half an inch. Quotations or any content that comes within double quotes should be indented by an inch from the left margin in a MLA research paper format.

Headings and titles:
A research paper need not have a title page but it should have a research paper cover page. The cover page should contain the title of the research paper which should be centered. According to homework helper the title should not be capitalized nor underlined. Capitalize only the first and the principal words of the title. The writer’s details which should come in the bottom left of the paper and other necessary details. All the details must be distinct and separate from one another and the content should be double spaced again.

The entire content of the research paper should be double spaced that includes notes, quotations, etc. this is the most important rule to the this format.


Page numbers:
Number the pages from the first page in the upper right hand corner of each page and leave half inch space from the top before numbering the page. Your last name can be written before numbering the page. Make sure that there is an inch space form the right hand corner of the page and a double space between the number and the first line of the page. Do not use any marks or abbreviations before the page number.

Tables and figures:
Tables should be labeled as ‘table’ a hyphen and then the necessary title for the table. They should also be numbered by an Arabic numeral and captioned. Other materials like photographs, images, drawings, etc. should be labeled as ‘figure’ instead of ‘table’.

Apart from these, there is also one more section called the referencing section in the MLA format paper. This has a separate set of rules and regulations on its own. Though they do not come in the general rules, they are equally important to a research paper that follows MLA formatting.

These are the general rules to a MLA research paper format.

Useful Tips: