In my opinion, Jagex has kept the policy of a user-friendly one for too long. Jagex will have to modify their policy to OSRS Gold allow to allow the community on which it is built on to evolve. Therefore, it is necessary to create a new policy. A policy, or a filter, as I refer to them sometimes, must be constantly changing to ensure that it is efficient. Jagex must filter out more feedback in order to ensure it uses only relevant feedback. Jagex is not equipped with this ability.
This is how Jagex (according me) should have dealt with Ice Strykewyrms. It is difficult to believe that Jagex still has a rants forum that includes the latest updates as well as feedback and other things like that. They just have too many topics to choose from (and many of them are nonsense). They should shut down the rants forums. Second, they should declare that they will not use feedback that is submitted to the Recent Updates Forum. The forum is for discussion only. The latest updates should be posted along with a topic on the Feedback forum. This will allow players to give feedback.

The sticky should have the title 'Discussion Request'. Topics can be requested to allow players to discuss (or argue about) topics they believe should be changed. Forum Mods can hide any comments or rants that are posted in inappropriate forums in order to get Jagex' attention. This is a huge filter that helps prevent the mass topic spam and allows Jagex to analyze the problems in the game that actually require attention.

Okay, so that's all good, but how could Jagex have handled the Ice Strykewyrms problem? That question should have been addressed by Jagex. They shouldn't read about the articles. Instead they should have created an online poll, which would allow participants to Cheap RS 3 Gold vote on a compromise. The votes should be filtered as if they were madmen as this is done. They must be able to determine which groups voted.