Being involved in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta, GA can be tough, traumatizing, or taxing, but it is important to stay collected and have the urgency to act right away before things become worse. Here are seven things one needs to do after this type of auto accident, which include everything from getting medical help quickly, hiring a Motorcycle accident attorney in Atlanta, checking for injuries, and more.


Step #1: Seek Medical Attention.


One of the first things you need to do after being involved in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta is getting medical attention right away. If there are injuries, it can become extremely important to seek immediate help from an emergency room or urgent care center and ensure that you receive proper treatment before it gets worse than it already is.


Step #2: Check for Personal Property Damage.


Any Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer would advise you to check for any personal property damage such as clothing, glasses, cell phone, etc. If any of them were destroyed during this type of auto collision, then you may be able to pursue compensation through the other party’s insurance company.


Step #3: Gather Information Related to the Motorcycle Accident.


All information related to the driver who was involved in the motorcycle accident should be obtained immediately. These include their license number, insurance company name and policy numbers, and phone number for reporting claims with their insurer. The information will be very helpful when filing a police report, which will also serve as evidence if ever an injury claim against another party (motorcycle operator) becomes necessary at some point down the road.


Step #4: Take Photographs of All Motorcycle Damage.


The next step after gathering all this information is to begin documenting the accident scene and motorcycle damage, which can be done by taking photographs of everything that may serve as evidence in Atlanta personal injury claims for damages or injuries sustained during an auto collision involving motorcycles. If there are any witnesses who saw what happened then they should also have their pictures taken along with the license plate number on their vehicle(s).


It is important to continue snapping photos even when professional help has arrived at the area where it occurred because not only do these images act as proof but insurance companies will use them later on down the road if ever disputes arise over whether or not proper safety gear was worn prior to getting hurt in a motorcycle accident.


In fact, it is highly recommended to capture as many images as possible of this scene because they may serve as crucial evidence during the entire claim process. The photos can also be used later on down the road if any disputes should ever arise over who was at fault for causing these damages.


Step #5: Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Atlanta.


Any motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta will tell you that one of the best things to do after being involved in an injury-causing accident is to hire someone who specializes in these types of cases since they understand how insurance companies work. They will also know what it takes to get fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering resulting from this type of Atlanta auto collision.


A skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you through every step involving filing claims against the at-fault party's automobile insurer. The sooner an injured party hires legal representation, the better off they are going to be when it comes time for compensation settlements.


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