The putback dunk can NBA 2K22 MT Buy be done by holding down the shoot button - either with a square or X, when the ball is about to disappear from the paint. The putback dunk from NBA 2K22 is done when another player misses a shot and you are in the vicinity of the paint in order to return the miss in a flashy manner.

Space and timing are important to getting a good putback dunk. You must ensure that you press the button while the ball is high up and you are not facing any opposition in the fight for the rebound is crucial to seal the putback dunk you made in NBA 2K22.

Standing dunks are executed by pressing an X or square button (square or X) or by flicking the left stick upwards while holding R2 or RT. Standing dunks can be performed by forwards or center players using the elite or pro Dunk packs available in NBA 2K22. The player should be standing with no defenders in the vicinity to perform this move.

A dunk that is aggressive can be executed by holding down the R2 or RT trigger and flicking the left stick in any direction while running. Dunks that are aggressive can be done by any player that has the elite dunking package including Ja Morant, Vince Carter, and Zion Williamson.

It's okay to let your opponents know that best place to buy mt 2k22 they are close to the ball when you have elite players since they have the qualities needed to be able to dominate over them. If you have your player sprint from the backcourt and have high endurance will improve your chances to complete the move.