I'd like to say that I enjoy memorial posts. I enjoy making a safe space for individuals to discuss their heart and grief with Animal Crossing Items us. I think that for someone who doesn't understand the rules to log and be vulnerable to then obtain their article taken down or not accepted would lead to further isolation and hurt.

Should you have to modify anything, perhaps you may add flair to memorial posts to serve as a trigger warning to those who have unhealed hurt and want to jump past those posts.

I really don't believe the answer is to remove them entirely. People come from a very vulnerable place posting those and are attempting to offer their heart into a secure community they expect will accept it. I think it could be really damaging to get an automated delete in return.

Additionally seeing spoilers and time traveling, I know think it is a remarkably tough thing to medium concerning seasonal events and things. I do however feel that spoilers could be used for time locked items (such as the mario things ) that are hacked in before their launch date. This could be taxing to medium as there's a set release date for the items and the spoiler tag can be enforced in the afternoon of this update to the day of item release. It's not something that disturbs me personally but could be something to consider.

On shared occurances I think that milestone posts are good for the subreddit entire as creature crossing is mainly a game about setting your own goals and think that it's great that people have somewhere to discuss them. I'm also very sympathetic about the tacky limit and with that in mind I think that the current codes and queries threads do a decent job of keeping the subreddit clean.

Anyway that was my 2 cents, I think you guys do a fantastic job with the subreddit and you are taking it in a fantastic direction!

There should be more limitation on this. Literally so many posts of"Margie Wearing Glasses CuTe! 1" or "AnKhA on The Beach wow!" Like they're not even pointing out anything unique or special with the sport.

Other items such as getting a Jacob's Ladder flower are far too repetitive. Like I'd know if they did with Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket the post like displaying their five star staircase , but taking a shaky cell phone pic of this change showing they got 5 stars and a screenshot is low effort.