Delta is one of the oldest airlines in the U.S. It has gained maximum popularity because of its transparency, proximity, on-time arrival and departure and last but not the least affordability. Moreover, Delta Airlines has been conducting both domestic and international flights on various routes since its foundation.

It is a known fact that the baggage policies and rules will differ in domestic and international flights. Therefore, it is highly essential to be aware of the policies and rules before making Delta Airlines reservations. It is always suggested to have thorough information about Delta’s baggage policies and rules to avoid paying any extra cost for any baggage.

Delta Airlines is strict with the baggage rules and policies. It is important to be aware of the specifications that Delta has regarding the baggage that a passenger can carry on board in the flight.

According to Delta Airlines baggage policy, a passenger is allowed to carry one of their personal items along with only one bag with them on a flight at free of cost. However, it is imperative to remember that the carry-on baggage must not exceed the size limitations specified by Delta.

Make sure that the item you are going to carry on the flight must be of appropriate size so that it can fit into the overhead locker. A bag of a decent size can also be stored in front of the seat of the passenger.

What should be the size of the carry-on baggage?

While making Delta Airlines reservations with Airline directly, it is essential to take into consideration that the personal belongings or the carry-on bag must not be more than 45 inches in length. The ticket counters at Delta Airlines also display the size of the baggage to be carried in the flight. So, examine and make sure that your carry-on baggage or personal item is fulfilling the requirement.


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