Loudspeakers use magnets to convert electrical energy into sound energy to produce sound. Use the funnels on the speaker text to speech converter to push the air in and out at certain frequencies. The entire book describes this phenomenon. But to create a simple speaker Text to Speech, you only need basic knowledge of sound design. Whether you want to invest a few weeks in developing your next generation sound system, or just want to get to know your speakers better? Keep learning how to build your own sound system.


  1. Find copper wire, duct tape, and strong magnets. There are many ways to calibrate high-end amplifiers, but the basic technology is actually quite simple. Electric current flows through the wire attached to the magnet. Electricity vibrates with magnets and our ears pick up these vibrations as Voice voice over sound.You should also bring a small plastic mouthpiece or cup to improve hearing. This will amplify sounds, such as screeching in the shape of a cone to amplify your voice.


  1. Wrap copper wire around multiple magnets in one coil I like to start winding 6-7 times in the middle, leaving a few feet of wire on either side of the magnet. Glue this roll to the bottom of the Tupperware case. but no magnets


  1. Use bottle caps or other round objects to make bigger curls. Use both ends of the remaining copper wire indian tts. Make a larger coil and attach it to the smaller coil. As before, leave about voice and speech one pin of the wire on each side of the coil. This is how the Amplifier is connected to the audio source.


  1. Put a magnet on both coils. You want to sit comfortably on both coils.