For an adult who did not achieve their desired height, a few grow taller tips are sometimes a backhand. While diet and exercise are often cited as definite options, whether or not they will work is open to debate and results vary from just a little to not at all. Other options such as platform shoes and the like are not always optimal either.

Surgery has been pointed to as a possibility that some people consider.  The process is long and gruesome though, if you could even find a doctor unscrupulous enough to perform it. How this process works is doctors will break the tibia and fibula and surgically attach a device that resembles a spanner between the two broken pieces of each bone. This is done through the skin and it stays there for at least three months. During this time, the spanner is slowly opened a little at a time to encourage the two pieces of bone to “reach out to one another.”

Anyone that’s ever broken anything knows how painful this proposition is.  Doing it on purpose would be crazy. But wait! There’s more! After three months of stretching the bone, or more accurately, making the bone stretch its self, the physical therapy begins.

This is long and arduous and can take months to get out of the wheel chair (yes wheel cair, you just paid someone to break both of your legs, what do you expect?) and back on your feet. The entire process takes about a year and it’s just not one of those grow taller tips that a person would recommend or undergo without a lot of consideration.

There are pills on the market that claim to stimulate bone growth in adults and those might or might not work. Beware of anything from some isolated tribe in some foreign location. In other words: if you haven’t heard of it before, do a little research before agreeing to put some strange substance in your body. Even if the bottle says all natural, you should still find out as much as you can about your miracle in a bottle. Remember: guano is all natural too, and no one’s popping three guano tablets a day!

What you wear can often have an impact on at least looking taller. There are a number of platform shoes on the market today that are stylish and not overly noticeable to the casual person on the street. How you present yourself as far as clothing goes is important as well. Try to wear slimming clothing, avoid horizontal stripes and suggestions like that are not exactly grow taller tips so much as look taller tips, but they help.

With all the grow taller tips and advice floating around on the web probably the best tip would be to pick a program or website of one sort or another and stick to it. Not only will you possibly gain a little height, but you will also most likely gain a healthy lifestyle and the self confidence that comes with a job well done!