Mushroom is a type of a fungus fruiting body. It is typically grown on soil. It is pretty easy to grow mushrooms. Earlier, mushroom cultivation was taking place in labs using high tech equipments and what not but now because of the advancement of technology, mushroom cultivation has reached the small farms and even homes at some places.

Mushrooms are rich in the missing nutrients that we usually don't get from the staple foods. Mushrooms are an excellent source of macronutrients like magnesium, sodium, pottasium, zinc etc. In our usual foods, the nutrients present are not easily absorbed by the body. But in case of mushrooms, the nutrients are in ionic form, which can be easily assimiliated by the body. Mushrooms increases the immunity of the body in fighting against certain diseses and infections. They are a great alternative food source.

There are many advantages regarding why mushroom cultivation should be practiced on a large scale. Apart from providing mushrooms, the cultivation also helps in improving the animal feed. Once the mushrooms have been harvested, the agricultural waste left is rich in vitamins and proteins. It can be fed to the farm animals improving their health. Mushroom cultivation also helps in building soil. The compost left when added to soil can increase the water holding capacity. This compost also helps in increasing the nutrient availability of the soil.

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