Scrap metal is not only a waste but also a secondary raw material with its own market value !!! Therefore, the collection of scrap metal protects nature from pollution and at the same time provides financial benefits. Scrap metal is formed in many ways, including small household scrap, but also large equipment, vehicles or structures. Therefore, in the activities of our company, not only the purchase of household ferrous or non-ferrous metals, but also the activities related to:

1. sale of motor vehicles, purchase - sale of cars and trucks, dismantling of unserviceable parts, sale of usable car parts, 2. purchase - sale or utilization of equipment, various lifting and agricultural machinery, sale of used electrical equipment, sale of collected used metal products, 3 trade in other secondary raw materials (iron oxide, slag, etc.)

By working in this way, we make it possible to reuse what can be used and prepare secondary raw materials for reuse, thus conserving natural resources and nature itself.