Firstly lets discuss the boundaries of wilderness, prior to 07 there was no safe zone and, as the most fundamental of  OSRS Gold the current wilderness design that includes safe zones. Although you could think that they should be retained, they hinder the movement of the current fights. This is to create zones of safety and focus on fighting within them.

This is a defeat for the original goal of the lawless zone. It is time to ask ourselves if we can get a new redesigned wilderness, either like the one in BH Worlds or the one we have now. The problem with current activities in wildernesses that were not there before is another. What is their choice? And what impact could the result be?

Personally, I'd be open to moving all the minigames, including Defender of Varrock Defender of Varrock and Clan Wars, to other locations. However, the three quests aren't easy to follow. The Defender of Varrock and the Summer quest line both have large chunks of wilderness. If we assume that the quests will stay, I believe it would be best to instancing the whole quest. What do I mean by this? You're completely on your own once you get to the quest's start point, or when you are in the wilds as part of the story of the Defender of Varrack. Although this could slightly alter the story, it would not significantly affect the quest.

Green Dragons should remain, and so should armored Zombies (or Chaos Ele), and the other training locations should stay the same. The Corporeal creature is an interesting aspect. While I can see it as a fun idea to have barrage runners enter the cave, its boss mechanic is unique to RS because you will be banking lots due to its high risk nature. If the entrance were relocated closer to the edge of the wildy, it might prove more attractive since Buy RS3 Gold it's currently beyond level 20, which is the cut-off point for telegraphs.