In a vast world of education, only a few cities of Maharashtra are famous because of their benefits. Here state board and CBSE boards both are available in this state. Few people prefer the state board, and few go with the CBSE boards option. Following is the difference between state boards and CBSE boards.

Difference between state and CBSE boards

The State Board is giving importance to state-level matters and is more convenient with languages. Whereas, CBSE board concentrates on maths and science efficiently. The syllabus of state boards is laborious as compared to CBSE boards. CBSE schools in Pune are aware of this and provide proper education to the students

CBSE schools in Pune

CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education - these schools are managed by the Union Government. Therefore, CBSE boards education possesses a key role in the education system. They are providing good education to the students and securing their future. However, few people have hesitation about this CBSE based education

Mumbai is also getting popular because of this CBSE pattern of education. And these CBSE schools are classified as the best level schools in Mumbai. However, these schools are providing the best experience of learning to their students

CBSE schools in Mumbai

People always think that Mumbai is all about celebrities and beautiful tourist locations. But, it also comes with the best educational systems. There are many best International School In Mumbai for CBSE education. Students get good benefits from the syllabus and facilities from the school. The surprising thing is that around 20 CBSE schools are present in the city


This article provides information about why CBSE schools are popular in Pune and Mumbai city. Hope you have found some interesting and eye-opening facts here, after all, it's about your child's education.