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Sometimes we unexpectedly come across several problems. You may have to deal with some major or minor issues as you're using an HP printer for a long time. While working in demanding environments, there are frequent HP printer problems that you can be fixed under one's own steam but some of them need professional help. Below is the list of the most common problems that you have to face while you're using an HP printer:

Paper jams

The most common problem associated with an HP printer or any printer is the jamming of paper. If paper jams are frequent with your printer there are a few reasons behind that. Use of the wrong type of paper for the print, the second one is the printer is untidy from the inside, and the third one is the wear and tear of the rollers. Cleaning the printer and using the right paper are the solutions for the first two problems but replacing the roller can be a tricky job. You may need to consult a professional or an HP printer troubleshooter if you find out that the rollers have been worn out.

Faded prints

The moment you notice that your printer is giving faded prints, there are three reasons behind that. It is possible that the toner cartridge is running low on toner, the print density is set on lowest, or the Economode is on. To know about the print density and Economode, you can press a separate button available on the printer that is used for a self-check. If your printer is getting low on toner, you have to replace the old cartridge with a new one.

Driver issues

If you're using a Windows OS or iOS, there will be regular updates in them and after a while, you'll see a new OS in the market. Your printer has to adjust itself with the new OS and for that, you need a driver. Some printers don't have a driver for a specific OS, and in this case, only a professional can help.

Error 79

If you see the error 79 while using an HP printer, you have to fix the network print server. First of all, you have to make sure that there is no pending work. You can check that by opening the print folder from the Start Menu. The other reason behind this error is the failure of a component like a MIO card or a RAM module. You have to remove these add-on components one by one and add them back to know which one of them is causing the error.

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