When you're at the local pool or relaxing at the pool, ensure you're looking and feeling at your best by taking advantage of our vast mens swimwear selection. With swimming trunks, swimsuits as well as spoofing and aqua shots, all available, this selection is one to check out. It is a bold statement with your swim shorts that stand out or relax in a comfortable fit and trim performance in top mens swimwear.

Take your tanning to the sea with the latest mens swimwear designs. If you're surfing the sea or soaking at the swimming pool, you'll be able to find something that you like. Which are your most stylish swimming trunks? Bottoms for swimming (board trunks, shorts and briefs) and tops and accessories, are perfect for embracing the summer sunshine.

Are you a big fan of shorts with a board? Stay simple and elegant with a pair of solid pant pants that are your favorite shade, or opt for a more refined look by wearing styles such as plaid or stripes? Create a statement at the beach by combining a variety of attractive styles.

Surfing and pool are among Australia's most popular sporting activities, and therefore, swimwear is an essential part of any man's wardrobe. Take a look at Target's collection of mens swimwear that is perfect to wear at the beach, or backyard pool. Do you want some board shorts? We've got you covered. Do you like swimming trunks that focus on speed and speed? We have them too. Check out our selection today to find the perfect swimming suit for you.

The most commonly used names for mens swimwear include:

  • Swim trunks
  • Swim shorts
  • Board shorts

Our Range of Mens Swimwear

  • Boardshorts

Boardshorts are a longer variant of trunks that extend to the knee or even beyond. They typically have a pro waist, and are cut more closely towards the body. They were originally designed to be used in "board sports" (surfing, boating and more.) These were constructed using less nylon, which could be caught on the board when you put it on.

  • Square cut shorts

The mens swimwear are designed to flatter the body with square-cut shorts that wrap around one's waist and legs. Leg holes have a straight across to create a squarer look than an angled brief for swimming. This is the ideal mix of shorts and swim swims and jammers. If you're looking the perfect combination of swim shorts, jammers, and swim briefs these square-cut swim trunks can be a great choice. They offer the same snug fitting as swim briefs and have the exact length of swim shorts.

  • Jammers

Jammers are a knee-length, skintight suits used by elite swimmers and other athletes participating in water sports to cut down drag. The mens swimwear measures 44cm from knee to side, and is constructed of chlorine-resistant fabric. Jammers are a popular choice for swimmers due to their Jammer is a favorite among swimmers because of its superior coverage, lower drag, and a comfortable and secure fitting. Because they're front-lined and have a distinct internal waistband, they are popular with regular water sports enthusiasts at the beach or in the pool. They resemble bicycle shorts, but don't feature the cushioned crotch or back.

  • Briefs

The most popular type of mens swimwear. Take the classic design. The classic style is often known as "briefs". Mens swimwear that has a leg that is shorter than 9cm is referred to be "Briefs" at Nova Swimwear. The term "trunks" refers to legs that have an average height of 9cm. Briefs were among the popular style of mens swimwear in the current period, featuring a broad view of the leg.

Despite trunks and jammers swim briefs are simple in design that causes less drag. They also have the advantage of being flexible. They can be utilized in a range of sports. They can be used to perform a range of sports like racing, training and diving, water polo and many more.

What's the benefits of wearing high-end swimming wear?

  • It is made from durable top-quality materials.
  • The term "chlorine resistance" is that is used to refer to the capacity of the plant to be resistant to chlorine.
  • Drag of professional swimmers is decreased.
  • There is a wide variety of patterns and designs to select from.
  • It's not difficult to locate high-quality swimming wear.

What is the name of men's shorts for swimming go by?

"Nova Swimwear" a patented brand that has been extremely popular and is a well-known brand for mens swimwear. These are swimwear that is form-fitting with a front opening that exposes the legs. A lining inside is typically included in leisure swim briefs.

Which is the source of the word "trunks" for mens swimwear?

Why are they known as trunks? This term dates back to a time in which people wore underpants beneath their clothing. They would usually cover all of their body from their head all the way to the bottom of their feet. The swimmers would change into their underwear and then swim.

Why is Trunk better for men?

Mens swimwear trunks are the most sought-after. They're similar to land-based shorts however, they're made from lighter, more breathable materials (typically polyester or nylon) and are fitted with a more snug inner lining. The lengths and colors of the inseams may differ.

What would you call the men's swimwear?

Although, in theory, it's anything you wear when you're in the water. However, mens swimwear is classified in four groups: trunks boxer-briefs, board shorts and briefs. We've also created the fifth "modal" category of shorts featuring swimwear features that can be used both on land and in water.

In addition to the beach culture, terms for swimming attire were coined. "Cosies" (an abbreviated term for 'clothing') and 'togs, that Nova claims is an abbreviation of the 19th century word 'gentleman' which means coat are two words Australians employ to describe common swimwear.

What's the main differences between short, long board shorts, suits for board and other kinds of men's swimwear?

Mens swimwear is available in various sizes and shapes, however there are some important distinctions between long, short board shorts, board shorts, as well as board suit. Short swimwear is intended to be worn at the beach or by the pool while long swimwear is made to be worn in the ocean or in the pool. Board shorts are made to be worn at the beach or at the poolside, and a board suit is specifically designed to swim in the ocean.

Mens swimwear are made to be worn as normal clothing. They can be longer or shorter than shorts. They're usually less formal and more elegant than the shorts, and can be made of different materials, such as cotton or wool. Board shorts are one type of swimwear designed for use on the beach or in the pool. They are generally made of vinyl or polyurethane and are smaller than shorts, however they are longer than suits. They also come with a larger waistband as well as a flared leg style.

There are other kinds of mens swimwear like trunks, speedos, or one-piece suits designed for various sports. For instance, trunks is made for sunbathing and swimming while a one-piece outfit is specifically designed to suit surfing, swimming and other water activities. Knowing the different kinds of swimwear and knowing the best for your sport it is easy to identify the appropriate clothes to wear!

Are there any ways to ensure that my male swimwear is properly fitted?

Mens swimwear isn't an easy decision to make because it is difficult to determine the correct size and type. With a some planning and few suggestions, you will be able to have your swimwear properly fitted and appear stylish on the water. The first step is to locate a reliable retailer that offers clothes that fit well. It is equally important to accurately measure your body and then order the right size. Try on the swimsuit before purchasing it to ensure it's the correct size.

There are some guidelines to help make sure the fit of your mens swimwear is properly fitted. The first and most important thing is to ensure that you're wearing the proper size. Then, ensure you are wearing a garment that is flexible so that it fits your body, and does not hinder movement. Third, ensure that the seams are straight and sewn properly to prevent discomfort. Fourth, clean your swimwear often in cold water using mild soap to eliminate chlorine and other smells. Fifth, don't wear clothes that are too loose or tight A good fit should be snug but not restricting. Also, be sure to keep your swimming wear in a cool, dry area to ensure it is in good shape.

What are the most important features for men's swimming wear?

There are certain aspects that are vital in mens swimwear which comprise support, flexibility and coverage. Support refers to an item that is able to provide sufficient support to the male body during swimming. This is essential since it stops male swimmers from suffering any kind of injury. The term "flexibility" refers to the clothing being capable of moving along with the body and adapt to its form. This is essential since it allows for flexible and comfortable movement while swimming. The term "coverage" refers to the clothing having the ability to cover the male body including the back and front. This is essential since it protects you from any kind of embarrassment or expose. When it is about mens swimwear fashion and comfort are the two most essential aspects. Swimwear for men should be fashionable and well-fitting, without becoming too tight, or loose. It is also crucial that the swimwear is durable and resistant to chlorine. The most sought-after features of mens swimwear are:

  • High-waisted swimming wear: This design is popular because of its flattering fit and comfy feeling.
  • Ripped swimming wear: This type of swimwear is made to give an appearance of ripping and feels.
  • Printing swimmers: It's perfect for those who wish to add a touch of character to their swimming attire.
  • The swim trunks: This is a kind of mens swimwear that is a mix of boxer briefs and swim trunks. The design is to be fashionable and practical, with an easy fit.

Advantages of wearing men's swimwear

  • Ideal for swimmers

It is true that the majority of people only have shorts on at the beach or at the pool. You've likely seen mens swimwear wearing these tiny garments at one of two locations. The style was first developed for water sports due to the high cut (ease for movement) and pockets for support and the use of special fabrics (longevity). Be aware of these when the summer gets underway.

  • Ease in Swimming

The athletes who take part in competitive swimming opt to wear our collection of mens swimwear because it will not drag them in the race. The second reason is that these tiny pieces of clothing are quick to dry, and that's the reason many guys are enamored of these pieces of clothing. There are newer designs of these trunks for swimming that are waterproof and comfortable to wear, especially while you're in and off the pool.

  • Light and Comfortable

The swimming trunk suit is favored over other swimsuits by males because they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The majority of men prefer board shorts as they are more practical and versatile. They are both modest and stylish, and they are stylish while absorbing less water.


Mens swimwear is an essential accessory to have for summer! It's not just fashionable however, it also offers the best convenience and comfort which makes it the ideal option for swimming. We can easily believe that wearing swimwear is useful for men who are in the water as it will protect the weak areas of their bodies.

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