D2R rare items can quickly improve characters' attributes and make characters have more powerful abilities. While rare items are of high value, their drop rates are very low, and some players may not see them throughout the game. Choosing to cheap buy D2R Runes is a good idea. Here are four unique d2r gears that many players recognize as rare and also have practical value, let's get to know them!


Death's Fathom - Dimensional Shard

The main attributes of Unique Dimensional Shard greatly increase the damage of cold-based gameplay. The effect of cold-based specialization is to passively reduce the cold resistance of non-cold immune monsters, up to a 30% cold damage bonus can significantly increase the damage of cold skills. In addition, lightning resistance and fire resistance are also more important resistances in Diablo 2 Resurrected. They are essential weapons for the pursuit of extreme damage cold spells, but their drop rate is quite low and the variable range of cold damage (15%-30%) ) is also very large, with close to 30% cold damage of the unique dimensional shard rarely encountered.


Griffon's Eye - Diadem

The Unique Diadem can reach up to +20% lightning skill damage and -25% enemy lightning resistance (passive resistance reduction) after inlaying a Rainbow Facet with Lightning, +1 to all skills, and +25% Faster Cast Rate is also more general and practical attributes, is the preferred gear for lightning-base gameplay (such as Lightning Sorceress and Javelin Amazon).


Death's Web

The unique unearthed wand's maximum passive -50% to enemy poison resistance is the key to its ability to become poison-based gameplay gears. Killing monsters will return LK and return to EK, which can greatly improve players' life and endurance. +2 to all skills and +2 necromancer poison skills greatly increase the damage of the necromancer, and this weapon can also be selected for the Rabies Werewolf Druid gameplay.


Crown of Ages

The unique crown has 1-2 random sockets. If it is 1 socket, its transaction value will be greatly reduced, and the overall attributes toward defensive (faster hit recovery, resistance, damage reduced, defense). If it is two sockets, then its inlays have more matching options. For example, the double-hot paladins are inlaid with two red and white orbs, which can be matched with the Death Runeword to make up a block, but the cost is much higher than Grief Runeword + Guillaume's Face.

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