Ergonomically, there's a great deal to like. The equilibrium point of the blade (on my metal form) lies precisely at the focal point of the handle, causing the Twitch II to feel exuberant and exact in the hand. The exceptionally delicate internal slants direct the thumb and fingers to little alcoves where everything feels perfectly, and there are no sharp edges anyplace past the forefront. The Twitch II has the vibe of an unequivocally created instrument in all regards.

SOG Twitch II in the Pocket

Like an extraordinary number of pocket cuts, I think the one remembered for the Twitch II is excessively firm. It additionally uncovered a decent five-eighths an inch of blade, which is obvious for one as little as this. More justifications for why I smith and wesson knife in a pocket. Nonetheless, I in all actuality do truly like the unexpected ergonomic capacity of the clasp: it gives the center finger an extraordinary minimal empty to track down its direction into and give a protected resource.

SOG Twitch II Pocket Clip

Despite the fact that the blade is incredibly smooth, these little ergonomic subtleties permit me to feel like I've generally got a certain, secure grasp on the blade. No forceful finishing required!

Arrangement and Lockup

As referenced previously, the activity is wonderful. The flipper is planned as a "press button" style (rather than the "light switch" strategy I frequently utilize on different blades). Beat the detent, and the edge will convey immovably, yet not unnecessarily. It reports itself with a delicate "snick" instead of something that sounds like a gunfire or a blacksmith's iron tumbling off a table. Notwithstanding, if you need to depend on the Twitch II's thumb studs, you can send the edge that way and watch it in a real sense rocket out and into arrangement.

SOG Twitch II Flipper Tab

I'd referenced I frequently convey the Twitch II free. Soothing for me is the wellbeing, which I can click upwards and not need to stress over the blade conveying when I don't need it to. The detent isn't actually feeble, yet the wellbeing is a valued "hunting knife and suspenders" choice to guarantee the sharp edge stays shut. Also, the individuals who need to push the blade somewhat harder can utilize the security to secure the edge whenever it's locked in. Only for that little additional piece of brain.

SOG Twitch II Spine

The Achilles impact point of the Twitch II, on the off chance that you might call it that, is a tad of cutting edge play. There's no wobble front-to-back, mind you, yet you can incite a little horizontal play assuming that you get the cutting edge and move it. This is not really a justification for me to toss the Twitch II into the closest waterway.

SOG Twitch II Blade Spine and Thumb Studs

Concerning focusing, it's really nice of course. Kicked into arrangement and combat knife into conclusion, the cutting edge is in ideal corresponding with the liners. Accepting for the time being that you're not squirming it simply to frustrate yourself.

SOG Twitch II - Final Thoughts

"Courteous fellow's blade" gets tossed around a lot, however I'm amazed SOG's Twitch II doesn't come up additional in the conversation. It's an exceptionally utilitarian (yet not forceful) blade with a simple sending framework, extraordinary form quality, and smooth aspects. Dress the Twitch II up in its rosewood or anodized aluminum variations, and it looks considerably more the part. My metal and-dark form has a perfect military knife that I think would blow some people's minds without going nuts one's associates. I'd contend the Twitch II is excessively little and too refined to even consider undermining a sensible individual.

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