Suitable Diablo 2 Resurrected rune words still greatly improve the overall ability of characters in different game stages. Many players like to choose to buy Cheap D2R Ladder Runewords to save time in the game. If you want to successfully make specific Runewords, the correct rune inlay order and the required substrate are the keys.

Many of the more common Runewords armor requires 3 sockets of white/grey quality armor, such as Treachery, Duress, Wealth, Peace, Myth, Enigma, and more. If it is used by characters, most of the gameplay prefers light armor-type armor, such as Archon Plate.

The 3 sockets archon plate is an elite light armor that is more difficult to obtain, and many scenes of hell difficulty have a small chance to drop directly, the non-superior archon plate that has no socket can also use the formula in the Horadric Cube to add 3 sockets in randomly. In addition, if you get the damaged archon plate, you can keep a few, which is also a way to quickly get 3 sockets archon plate.

The formula is: Inferior Armor + Any Broken Gem + El = The Same Type Basic Armor (Items Level is 1, the remake version does not display)

The normal type archon plate repaired by this formula has a level of 1 and a random defense value of 410 to 524. At this time, the maximum number of sockets is 3 . After repairing the defense higher than 500 can be retained, using the formula in the Horadric Cube to see the luck of randomly adding 3 sockets (the number of sockets can appear 1 socket, 2 sockets, 3 sockets), but also through the Act 5 first quest to add exactly 3 sockets, that is the maximum number of sockets.

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