Powder coating is a much-preferred finishing technique that can be applied to a large number of metals, including aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and iron. In some cases, it's even applied on wood and glass. Powder coating is widely used in the manufacturing and architecture industry due to the thickness and evenness of its coat, along with its extra durability, life expectancy, and aesthetic appeal.

Rusty Lions offers superior finishing services in the Jersey area. Our highly advanced electrostatic coating services are meant for industrial, retail, and architectural applications, whether in New Jersey or beyond state borders. We have over 20 years of experience in commercial, retail, and architectural metal finishing and Sandblasting NJ services. Our range of services includes metal restoration, sandblasting, powder coating, and metal resurfacing.

Application of Powder Coatings

The application of powder coating is widespread, from a staple layering choice for metals to successfully coating wood and even glass materials. Also, as the powder coating and curing process has improved in recent years, its application has ever-more widened to cover many other industry verticals. This makes powder coating suitable for a diverse range of industries.

Its most common applications include:

1. Automotive Industry

● Chassis
● Rim
● Body
● Engine
● Trailer
● Towing Equipment
● Exhausts

2. Manufacturing Industry

● Machinery
● Metal Fabrication
● Ladders
● Fixtures
● Pipes

3. Architectural Industry

● Outdoor Furniture
● Fencing
● Benches
● Anchors
● Outdoor
● Playground Equipment

4. Domestic Applications

● Doors
● Appliances
● Fixtures
● Furniture
● Doors
● Railings
● Shelves

Trust Powder Coating Experts New Jersey

Rusty Lions has proven expertise in metal restoration, sandblasting, powder coating, and metal resurfacing services in New Jersey and the US. We've successfully laid to rest hundreds of powder coating projects and satisfied numerous clients who can vouch for our unparalleled and professional services.

We love to do our job, be it a small project like finishing automobile parts or large jobs on an industrial scale. Furthermore, we have dedicated professionals and cutting-edge equipment to meet all your requirements.

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