Over the years, it has been noticed that many IAS candidates prefer choosing sociology as their optional subject for the UPSC Mains. However, there are specific reasons for choosing sociology and discarding the other subjects. 

First of all, sociology has a concise syllabus. It is known to all that the IAS syllabus is vast. So, candidates are asked to choose an easy subject for their optional paper. Compared to other subjects, sociology has a shorter syllabus. Further, some parts of sociology overlap with the general studies paper. Hence, once you study the general studies syllabus, some portions of the sociology syllabus are automatically prepared. 

However, not many are confident with the optional paper. Instead, many IAS aspirants complain of not finishing the optional paper's syllabus on time. As a result, they fail to clear the UPSC Mains. Join the best sociology test series today if you are struggling with the UPSC sociology syllabus. Another reason IAS candidates do not make it to the interview round is the accommodation of the wrong strategy. 

This blog has provided the well-proven strategies that IAS aspirants can follow to ace the optional sociology paper. So, without further delay, let's get started with the strategies one by one: 

  1. Comfortability with the subject 

First things first – as an IAS candidate, you must get comfortable with the subject. Candidates often had to change optional subjects as they could not cope with the pressure. So instead of an optional subject that you are not comfortable with and wasting a few months, you should pick a subject that you can manage. 

  1. Thorough reading and memorization 

Once you have selected the subject, you have to read it thoroughly. Unfortunately, many students have a habit of not reading the prescribed textbooks for a particular subject. They believe that studying notes are enough to write good answers and fetch marks. It is high time you get rid of this idea and start embracing the textbooks first. Once you are done with the textbooks, move on to the NCERTs. 

  1. Proper guidance 

Another reason most candidates do not make it to the interview round is a lack of guidance. Unfortunately, not all IAS aspirants are fortunate enough to get professional guidance. However, several IAS coaching centers have begun their online classes to reach out to IAS candidates living in remote areas. Therefore, if you cannot manage the IAS optional subject, seek professional help. 

  1. Follow previous years' question papers 

Another great way of preparing sociology notes for the IAS exam is to go through the previous years' questions. By studying and analyzing these questions, you will know the pattern and the common areas from which the questions come. Generally, the Indian civil service commission does not repeat questions. But, if you notice carefully, you will find some common topics from which questions are recurrent.  

  1. Read the textbooks well

As has already been mentioned, you have to read the books thoroughly to prepare notes in detail. The way you write your exam will be determined by the notes you prepare. Therefore, if you have to score well, read the textbooks from top to the toe without selecting chapters as per your preference. 

  1. Prepare charts for theories, principles, and critical portions 

To prepare notes that can be memorized easily, candidates are suggested to prepare charts and tables. Let us take an example here. If you are studying the principles of Karl Marx, make a table with the following heads – theory, propagator, year, analysis, inference. 


Therefore, if you have to get a better score, working hard should be your secret mantra. Besides, do not forget to appear for the sociology test series 2022 to test your knowledge.