IO Games are a collection of free-to-play web games that are simple to access. Many are multiplayer games with straightforward mechanics and team-based elements. If you're looking for unblocked online games to play with your buddies or alone games to grind, is the spot for you!

We have a big collection of io games to choose from, including action games, strategy games, shooting games, FFA games, team games, and battle royale games. It's completely free to play and requires no downloads.

Are you looking for a browser-based game to play for pleasure every now and then? This is a convenient list of the very best IO games available right now.

Top 5 IO Games of 2022

1. is a two-dimensional cooperative survival game. Although the graphics are influenced by snake games, the gameplay is inspired by the game. Navigate the map, collect food, and develop. The larger you are, the more powerful you are. Other snakes must come into contact with you. It is the only method to eliminate your adversaries. Your large, lengthy snake body will assist you. (nicknamed slederio) further develops the genre of games based on the iconic Consume glowing balls to grow into the largest snake on the entire game board. You will not be devouring lesser opponents this time, but you will want to avoid colliding head-on with other snakes. If this occurs, you are automatically eliminated from the game and must begin over. By holding down the left mouse button, you can briefly boost the speed of your snake's movement. Will you succeed against adversity and will your name appear on the leaderboards for the greatest players? Have some fun.

2. is a game that probably does not require an introduction. is a Matheus Valadares-created multiplayer action game in which players take control of a cell on the map that represents a Petri dish. The game is built on a straightforward concept: your objective is to grow larger than other players. The game's title is derived from agar, a type of vegetable gelatine. This "gelatine" is derived from a specific type of algae called red algae. Residents of China and Japan realised its utility at the dawn of our period. It is fully caloric-free and offers an abundance of healing properties for our bodies. Become the largest cell on the map and go to the top of the leaderboard. Have some fun.

3. Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers, or ShellShock io, is a 3D multiplayer first-person shooter game in which egg characters fight each other with a variety of weapons. The entire game is designed in a simple block style with interesting game elements.

Beware of egg killers! These are our companions, murderous eggs! Deathly entities armed with automatic weapons capable of annihilating an entire army in a couple of seconds. Introduce yourself to Scrambler, Soldier, and Free Ranger. These men will either be your teammates or your adversaries. Each of them has their own weapon set, each with their own unique damage, accuracy, rate of fire, and range. Will you come out on top in this vicious egg war? Let us break a few shells! Have some fun.


The genre games has recently advanced to an entirely new level! The fundamentals of this game are well-known to all of you, gentlemen. Consume luminous balls to grow into the game's largest monster worm. However, you will not be devouring your smaller adversaries. Indeed, you should make every effort to avoid contact with them. If you accidentally hit an enemy worm with your face, the game will stop and you will have to restart. Additionally, we have some new mechanics here. You can now use special manoeuvres to outplay your opponents, and if used correctly, you can even remove much larger players. The thrill of competition is waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? Let us immediately begin battling for the highest levels! is one of the best free io games to play in 2022. Have some fun.


ZombsRoyale is a pretty amusing multiplayer survival game. Survive as the last of a large number of people, usually around a hundred. While playing, the game map decreases due to the spreading gas, which might kill you if you become disoriented in a dangerous location. The game begins with a parachute drop, and you should always land in the most advantageous location possible, preferably near weaponry. Each second without a gun can be lethal. Weapons are abundant throughout the map, randomly dispersed and classified according to their rarity. Therefore, remain vigilant, murder as many people as possible, and live. Have some fun.