Business intelligence is a critical component in the quest for agility, competitiveness, and effectiveness. As a company grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to handle the amount of data that is generated on a regular basis. As a result, data-driven organizations who want to use their data to drive business decisions face a roadblock. Furthermore, the soloing effect and biassed reporting systems across organizations drive key decision-makers to make decisions based on partially correct facts.

This is why business intelligence systems are being widely adopted. Putting in place an analytical system to successfully evaluate data allows a company to discover relevant information, generate conclusions, and promote better decision-making.

With the advent of its appealing analytics tool, Power BI, Microsoft, with its solid track record in the realm of technology, has come to the forefront. This report writing tool enables businesses to effortlessly see and analyze company data in order to transform their operations.

A Smarter Solution

Power BI is a cloud-based solution that requires no financial investment or infrastructure support, regardless of a company's size. The latest version of the tool is free of legacy software constraints, and users do not require any specialist training to obtain business intelligence insights. Power BI embedded implementation is quick and painless, as is the case with all Microsoft cloud services.