Does he sit on a pitiable height and look on idly while ordinary men do what should be his job? Does he lazily bestow his blessings while others fight for good?

Does he stand by nonchalantly and count the dead while the living sacrifice themselves to destroy evil?

“A man becomes a Mahadev when he fights for good. A mahadev is not born as one from his mother’s womb. He is forged in the heat of battle,when he wages a war to destroy evil? I am a Mahadev!’ Said the Lord of Lords. “I am not the only one! For I see a hundred thousand Mahadevs in front of me! I see a hundred thousand men willing to fight on the side of the good to perish the evils. ‘Har ek hai Mahadev ~ Har Har Mahadev”

Everyone is capable of being a Mahadev with the right actions, as God resides in every person. He is ‘hara’ because, ‘har’ is the root word for destruction. He carries away or destroys the samsara or the sins of man. He carries away the sins of even evil-minded people. He is prepared to crucify himself for atonement of man’s sins.

He is prepared to go through several years of life of penance in a forest in order to show to mankind how living up to Truth and Promise is most important. He revels in the great knowledge of the Atman, ignoring all trifles; hence HE is ‘Maha-dev’, the Great Shining Glory.