One recent check found more than 2.5 million business books available for sale on a large online bookselling website. It says a lot about both the competition and the opportunity. If that many titles are in print, it's a brisk market. If you've been researching how to market a book, some things are essential for your promotional plan. They revolve around target readers, key messages, and target media, each of whom needs to find out about your work in a favorable light. You'll also likely want to solicit online reviews as you get the ball rolling after launch. They move you up in the online listings.

The most critical success factor in developing your messaging is what you'll say to catch the attention of media and readers. They need to hear about your book and be impressed by its story or content. It takes the right words and ideas to stand out from the pack. Often, success lies in being ahead of the pack with new ideas, but not so far ahead that they sound outlandish. It's also crucial to explain why your book is better than competing titles rather than what it is about because there are others on the same topic. It may take thought to devise your points of difference versus competitors, but don't skip doing it.

When planning a publicity campaign, it's also imperative that you make the information relatable to your audience. It needs to speak to their needs, interests, and aspirations. Business book readers are the same as all others in wanting to read books that have value to them. You may want to say directly what is to be learned and gained from reading your work. Reviewers and others promoting your work may add other endorsements, but the first ones need to come from you. Most business authors have professional credentials that qualify them to write on their topics which adds credibility.

Your book is seen as most newsworthy around its release, so make sure you plan marketing in advance. The PR campaign needs to begin at the launch date or slightly before so editors and producers feel they have the story before anyone else. Now that media tours can often be conducted virtually, some options previously didn't exist. You can appear on media almost anywhere, regardless of your location. There is still a value in in-person tours, interviews, and appearances, but you're now freer to supplement them with online appearances; the covid pandemic changed things.