PPC Services by IBRANDtech: Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet marketing approach in which advertisers are charged a fee each time one of their adverts is clicked. It's essentially a means of purchasing visitors to a website rather than trying to "earn" them organically. 


One of the most common types of PPC is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Search engine marketing is the digital marketing strategy that is used to increase the visibility of a website in the search engines result page (SERP). It is the paid search engine marketing where the different types of businesses pay search engines to show their ads in the search results pages.

The types of SEM services are- 


SEARCH ADVERTISING- Search Advertising forms an integral part of SEM services. The company have on offer, customized search advertising that is targeted towards generation of more qualified leads for clients.


VIDEO & DISPLAY ADVERTISING- Effective targeting is what the company achieves, by making optimum use of the display advertising channel. Display advertising is a proven technique that comes in handy for faster brand building.


SOCIAL ADVERTISING- Social advertising on all the leading social media platforms is what the company do, to increase brand awareness through a wider and more penetrative reach. Connect with the customers directly!


Which is the best Company to provide SEM services?


IBRANDtech, a premier PPC Agency provides PPC services in Pune. The company helps organizations to grow their business and generate leads through PPC services. IBRANDtech has, on offer, the best PPC services in Pune. The company assist organizations in their business growth, and lead generation through PPC and ORM services


The provider of PPC Services in Pune, presents a golden opportunity for its clients to promote their products and services on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.

How Does IBRANDtech work?


Market study and survey - Intensive market study to find optimum keywords that would boost ranking


Design and execution of campaigns - Designing and implementing social media platform dedicated campaigns


Continuous monitoring and analysis - Ongoing analysis and monitoring of SEM campaigns to ensure desired results.

Customized SEM strategies that will bring the desired results


  • Brand promotion and reaching out to a wider audience using techniques and strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC) ads that are designed with the help of Google AdWords. That, as a part of PPC services in Pune.
  • As a part of the SEM strategies at IBRANDtech, it make use of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques along with the paid advertising strategies, to be able to get effective and faster results for the business.
  • Setting up campaigns with a high ROI, matching the expectations of clients
  • Implementation of strategies and techniques that will bring maximum ROI for marketing budgets


Targeted SEM solutions, exclusively designed keeping in mind business needs


  • Targeted SEM solutions keeping in mind budget and business requirements
  • A team of qualified and certified experts, to cater with the best and optimum SEM solutions
  • Dedicated search engine specific brand building and brand promotion
  • Right perception creation and building by having  business listed on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.


Result oriented and proven SEM services for business

  • Market Research and Analysis : The company carry out a comprehensive market study in order to understand the latest trends and demands to aid a better ranking for brand.
  • Campaign Design and Execution : Expertise in designing and execution of social media platform dedicated campaigns for Facebook, Twitter etc., in addition to PPC ads that are designed with the help of Google AdWords etc.
  • Ongoing Analysis : For ensuring that the SEM campaign is delivering the desired results.
  • Reporting : Providing timely updates specific to the ongoing project and the deliverables


IBrandtech serves its services to a number of industries such as healthcare, Finance & Insurance, Ecommerce, Media & Advertising, ISV’s, Telecom, Consumer Durable, Professional Services, Travel, Research, etc.

Benefits offered by SEM- 


Talking about the benefits, Search Engine Marketing solutions from IBRANDtech would facilitate an improvement in business’s online visibility via an increase in search engine rankings, creating authority in domain, and enhancing brand awareness. The company happen to adopt a strategy that converts clicks and page views into profits for business.


After all, perception can either make or break business/brand. Literally! Associate with us, as the company makes it possible via (Pay Per Click campaigns) PPC services in Pune.


  • Faster brand awareness in search engines
  • More number of targeted leads
  • Greater visibility
  • Helps to target ads in the light of locations and languages
  • With the help of SEM, one can persuade consumers to choose their products/services over the others