The prerequisites of every stronghold upgrade through selecting "All Research" in the drop-down menu on top of the Lab UI. If you are interested in workshops, remove the "View Craftable" box to Lost Ark Gold display every recipe.

Like your characters, strongholds also have a level that they share. You earn stronghold XP by using, yes, making use of your stronghold. Conducting research, crafting, or sending crew members out on missions all provide stronghold XP. One of the most effective ways to build your stronghold's strength is by completing station missions and ensure that the station is in use while playing Lost Ark.

We've covered the basics of your stronghold until now but your home as a player is able to offer more products and services with the right investment. Let's review a few capabilities that can be found in your stronghold as you build up your strength and complete certain research projects.

Trade merchants are temporary merchants which offer unique products. They can convert seals collected from mission trips into rare materials, crafting recipes, collectible items and even new crew members for Buy Lost Ark Power leveling your vessel. Vendors come and go within your stronghold. Be sure to check your stronghold on a regular basis to see what's available.