Regarding the possibility of Emirate's name change policy, passengers are well allowed to request the name change up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Therefore, there are some essential points which you need to know about the Emirates ticket name change fee.

  • Note that Emirates name change fee will vary with the class of services and the ticket type, and in some exceptional cases, the Emirates name correction charges would be applicable as per flight segment.
  • In addition, if a passenger goes for name correction after 24 hours from the booking date as per policy.
  • Lastly, the fee for a name change would start from USD 200 to USD 250, depending upon your fare class.

Can You Change The Name On The Emirates Ticket?

Yes, you have been given the option to correct your name on a ticket, which is subject to a separate fee if your name is misspelled. However, if you need guidance on the name change on Emirates flight tickets in such a scenario, the most suitable option you will have would be to contact a customer service agent to have assistance.

How Can I Change my Name in Emirates?

Passengers have been permitted the option for Emirates name correction online and over the phone. So, let's understand step by step method with the last name of the passenger on the Emirates ticket. 

  • First, visit, then they're on the homepage, select the manage booking section. 
  • Enter the six-digit booking reference number and the traveler's last name to retrieve your booking quickly.
  • Next, you will have to select the name correction tab to proceed with the retrieved booking form. 
  • Note here that you can correct up to 4 characters of the first name, middle name, or last name on the correction form page. 
  • Ahead, add the correct name of the passenger as it shows up on the government-issued photo ID. Note that the passenger's name to be ticketed matches precisely as it appears over the passport or any other government id. 
  • Once you move to the checkout page, you will have to pay the required Emirates name change fee and any applicable fare difference. 
  • Once you have completed the name correction with paying the fee, you will now receive the new e-ticket and the correct name on your registered email within 4 hours.

Thus, in scenarios where you are not getting appropriate guidance from the above questions and answers then you must contact customer service representatives via phone, live chat, email or you can use Emirate airlines official social media platforms to connect with live agent and get assisted quite effectively.