QuickBooks has transformed numerous small and medium-sized organizations by helping them in expanding their productivity and benefit. It is a software that can handle all the accounting-related tasks like tracking expenses, creating business reports, employee payroll, and many others. Users can rely upon QuickBooks for Bookkeeping to experience the complex functions of accounting done quickly and accurately. Despite being stacked with many features, QuickBooks is always at risk from random errors. For example, QuickBooks error h202 is one such error widely reported by QuickBooks users. If this error has likewise impacted your QuickBooks, continue to read the blog further to figure out how to redress this issue.

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About this error

QuickBooks connects the computers and enables data transmission using a multi-user network. The multi-user access mode allows multiple users to share and access the data through the network. Any issues with the network will break the connection and even restrict you from switching to the multi-user mode. It is also possible that you cannot access your company file located in the network; you’ll see error codes with a message,” Problem with the multi-user hosting setup.”


The reasons for this error to occur in your QuickBooks are listed below-

  • Incorrect Hosting settings in your QuickBooks
  • The company file is corrupted and has become unreadable to the QuickBooks Database server manager.
  • QuickBooks cannot access the file from the folder because of folder permission settings.

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You can find some practical solutions below-

Solution 1- Configure the folder permission settings

Navigate to the QuickBooks folder that carries your company file and follow the steps below-

  1. Right-click on the folder and select Properties from the list.
  2. Navigate to the Security tab and click on the Edit option.
  3. Click on QBDataServiceUserXX. (XX denotes the version)
  4. Mark the Full Control checkbox and then select
  5. Click Apply and then
  6. Reopen your QuickBooks.

If the error still exists, try the next solution.

Solution 2- Configure the hosting settings of your QuickBooks

Go through the steps to check your QuickBooks is running in multi-user mode-

  1. Open your QuickBooks, click on the File option, and select
  2. If there is a Stop hosting multi-user access option, your QuickBooks is already running in multi-user mode.
  3. If the Host multi-user access option appears, click on it.
  4. Reopen your QuickBooks.

Check if you can open your company file; if not, move to the other solution.

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Solution 3- Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Before starting with the method, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool hub.

  1. Open the QuickBooks Tool hub, click on Network Issues and select QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  2. Choose the company file you want to access; if it is not in the list, locate it from
  3. Select QuickBooks Database Server Manager, and install it if prompted.
  4. Click on Start Scan.
  5. Let the scan complete and reopen your QuickBooks.

You’ll be able to resolve the error if you execute these solutions.

We have reached the end of this blog; we discussed why QuickBooks error h202 occurs in your QuickBooks and the solutions to remove it. We expect that the solutions for easy to use and beneficial.

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