SuiteCRM Role management controls the users that can access a specific module and the operations they are authorized to carry out in the modules. An administrator can configure the role settings in SuiteCRM and has the liberty to place restrictions for the entire module or just for chosen fields on records in the module.
You can optimize the security framework of SuiteCRM by using both permission types combined for a specific role. The Team Management settings should also be leveraged for effective role management. We will take a look at how you can manage SuiteCRM workflow the easy way with effective role management strategies.
Role Management SuiteCRM: The Top Tips
SuiteCRM Role management can be used to manage the workflow in different ways. Today we will find out how you can use Role Management for various tasks and how to do them.
Assigning Roles to a User
Administrators can set up different roles and assign users of the system to the roles. A user can have a single role which makes it simple to manage their access. You can also assign multiple roles to a single user and SuiteCRM will adopt a highly restrictive policy to determine the appropriate access levels of the users.
For example Wilson Chandler Jersey , you may have assigned a role to a user which involves deleting accounts. At the same time, he is also assigned to another role which prohibits deleting accounts. In this case, SuiteCRM will restrict him from deleting any account as it relies on the most-restrictive setting.
Administrators cannot be assigned roles as their rights and privileges override any limitations put in place by Role Management.
Configuring Module Access
You can enable or disable module access while setting up a role. The following module-level access options are available to you-
Not Set (default): No particular setting will be affected by the role.
Enabled: Allows the user to view the module
Disabled: The user cannot view the module
High-Level Module Access Types
Apart from the usual stuff that you can do with SuiteCRM, you can also grant special permissions for users.
You can assign different access permission types for enabled modules. The following options are available to you-
Normal: Normal access is given to regular users. Based on Team Membership Nikola Jokic Jersey , it enables users to view and manage information.
Admin: Allows a user to control all records in a module irrespective of Team Membership options. Admins don't have access to developer tools such as Workflow Management and Studio.
Developer: Users can customize a model with access to developer tools such as Dropdown Editor, Workflow Management and Studio. Developers will need adequate Team Management to view the records in a module.
Admin and Developer: Users have access to development and administration tools and can also manage and view records in modules even without team membership. The following admin and developer roles are pre-defined in SuiteCRM-
Customer Support Administrator: Full access to Knowledge Base, Contacts, Accounts Gary Harris Jersey , Cases, Tracker, and Bug
Marketing Administrator: Full access to Target Lists, Targets Paul Millsap Jersey , Campaigns, Leads, Contacts, and Accounts
Sales Administrator: Full access to Quotes Cheap Denver Nuggets Jerseys , Opportunities, Leads, Forecast Schedule, Forecasts Jamal Murray Jersey , Contacts, and Accounts
Tracker: Can access custom and pre-define Tracker reports and Tracker module
Controlling Activity Permissions for Module
The user relationship to records can be used to limit activities in an enabled module. You can set the following module-specific activities-
Delete: Gives a user the ability to delete. If you have selected "None," then the Delete button will not be visible on list views and record views.
Edit: A user can delete the records. If "None" is selected, then the Edit button will not appear on list view and record view.
Export: A user can export entire database records. If "None" is selected Kenneth Faried Jersey , then the user will not be able to see the Edit button.
Import: Gives a user the ability to update or import new records. If "None" is chosen, then the Action button will be hidden from the user.
If you are looking to build on a CRM solution that can help boost productivity and aid in proper role management, look no further. These tips are sure to make your SuiteCRM role management a lot easier than you thought possible. Have you tried it out yet?
For SuiteCRM Training to have hands-on experience, please follow the link which helps you understand in a better way about SuiteCRM Role Management and access control.

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