When you pay for a service online, you expect not just a timely service but also something of a certain quality. If you hire a good essay writer, requesting him/her to ‘write my MBA essay writing service or ‘write my English essay’ or any other subject, you will wish to receive the best quality services. But every custom essay writer does not offer quality service. There are only there to make money, scamming people. So, beware of these writers or organisations.

At the same time, there are certain organisations or essay writers who provide you with a lot more than just a quick solution. They will ask for your requirements, communicate when needed, and provide 100% original content. So, how do you find such an essay help writer or an essay writing company for yourself? See below for the tips.

  • Don’t go cheap

It can be hard for students to hire a writer who charges a high price. But you should not settle for the lowest price as well. If you find a website for yourself that offers service within hours at a low price, refrain from taking their service. Hard work does not come essay rewriter. The same goes for highly qualified and skilful essay writers. No matter how many years of their life they have been in this profession, they will always charge for their hard work to write quality content.

Of course, stay away from sites that say ‘best free essays’.

  • Ensure they can write in every style

When in college, students do not just get to write essays in one form, but many. Every essay writing style differs from the other, in terms of citing and quality. Besides providing your work in good time, your essay writer must be able to write essay in every style. If you require an expository essay, and all your writer can offer is an argumentative essay, no doubt, he/she is a bad choice.

Your essay writer must be able to match your writing style. Also, your professor has known you and your writing style for a long time now. Therefore, he will immediately understand whether you have written a particular essay or not.

  • Make sure they provide unique content

Being a student, you must be aware of what plagiarism is and how it can have dire consequences. You may get suspended or expelled for submitting plagiarised assignments. In this respect, you are required to pick an organisation that has strict policies against plagiarism. For example, if you have selected an organisation that is willing to offer an A-class MBA assignment service, make sure they have experts in that subject who provide correctly referenced work and not just copying other’s work. Do not hesitate to ask the organisation the tools they used to check plagiarism.

  • Open communication

Make sure your writer is communicating with you regularly. You must check if the writer you hire for college assignment help expertshas instant messaging or live chat options.


Besides looking for these qualities in your essay proofreader writer, you must also check their guarantees. Do they guarantee confidentiality? Do they guarantee up-to-date sources? Do they guarantee honesty?


Summary: Essays need quality writing skills. If your writer is an expert in his field, you will have a better chance of scoring good grades. This will ease the worries that come with writing a quality essay. With these qualities on the mark, you will be able to find the best essay writer in the business.

Author’s Bio: Amanda Ripley is an investigative journalist for Time and various other magazines. She is a distinguished member at the team of writers , where she helps students who come to her with the request “write my MBA essay” for me.