You can create certain structures within your stronghold that provide an active effect. This menu is used to Lost Ark Gold assign which passives to be active at any given moment. For instance platinum founders get the train cosmetic which grants crafting bonuses that are passive to your stronghold.

Training Camp

Once you have reached level 52 The training camp permits you to gain passively increasing the level of your characters. You can only level your characters two levels behind your highest level character. If, for instance, you have a level 60 character that you can only upgrade your alts to level 58 through this system. The process of leveling your characters in the training camp can take a few days or even weeks to accomplish, depending on the character's level at the moment and their max level. You are still able to use characters that are working, so this is an option for free XP farm.

Knowledge Transfer

This is effectively a better training camp. Once you've completed the "Nothing is impossible to Cykins" quest You'll be able spend 600 gold to elevate your character's level to 50. The process takes about 8 hours to Buy Lost Ark Power leveling complete.