General Contractor California


A General Contractor in California is an individual or company that will have contracts with general contractors who specialize in building residential and commercial buildings. The general contractor may also do custom design work, assist the client with finance, and help the client select subcontractors.


General contractors often have a wide range of backgrounds, including being architects or engineers. A General Contractor will evaluate a project before they agree to work on it to ensure safety and efficiency are up to code as well as provide an estimate for costs on materials required for the job.


After a general contractor has agreed to work on the project they will sign a written contract with the client. The contract will include the details of what both parties expect from the other, payment terms, responsible party, and estimated completion date.


General contractors then direct and supervise their workers to complete the project in accordance with their contract. They are required to constantly check in on their workers and visit the site often to make sure safety measures are being followed along with approve or make changes as needed.


The major categories General Contractors focus on are: residential, commercial construction, infrastructure construction, manufacturing plants, service centers and renovating existing buildings. Read more....