While posting on Facebook, it's easy to go overboard —and with a 63,206-character restriction, it's easy to do so, which is equal to nearly 10,000 words.

However, it's possible that doing so will harm your Facebook presence. When it comes to posts, the cliche "less is more" holds some merit. A word counter tool can assist you in maintaining the word limit of the posts.

More engagement with fewer characters

According to Buddy Media's 2011 statistical analysis, "the longer the post duration, the less interesting fans find it."

According to the study, Facebook postings with 80 characters or fewer have a 27 % greater engagement rate. Yet, surprisingly, just 19% of all posts were from this category.

According to a segment of the same statistics assessment dedicated to the retail industry, Facebook postings with less than 80 characters receive 66 % greater engagement than those with more characters.

The clincher: Facebook postings with 40 characters or less garnered 86 % engagement. They only accounted for 5% of all retail brand wall posts, though. This can be fixed by using a free essay editor.

By engagement, we mean the number of comments, likes, or a combination of the two.

The most effective post formats and approaches

Experiment with several tactics to see what draws your target audience's attention—whether it's an unforgettable phrase, a hilarious remark, or an educational bit of trivia.

If you're in the retail industry, the following post strategies are recommended:

  • Posts with a question format — Use questions to start a conversation with your customers. While question-format posts have lower overall user interaction, they garner more than twice as many comments as non-question posts.
  • Fill-in-the-blank posts — The impact of a fill-in-the-blank post should not be underestimated. This type of post, according to Buddy Media, generates 9 times more comments than any other post technique.
  • Offer-related content — To increase user engagement, employ offer-related keywords. According to data, deals with the words "$ OFF" had a 55 % higher engagement rate than those with the terms "COUPON."

Use the most appropriate Facebook post strategy or technique for your brand, product, or service. But don't forget to keep it fresh by experimenting with different formats daily to keep your strategy from becoming old.

Make every Facebook post count for your company—and don't forget to utilize the wordcounter tool from an online assignment writing services to keep it brief!

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