Josh, a friend from high school who was like the one who was rejected by the group suggested the game to OSRS Gold me when I was in the 9th grade. It was played by several of us for a minimum of three to five months. There was only Gentry, my friend, and me remained as the remaining players by the conclusion of the first school year. Josh had already left.

Gentry was attacked about a quarter into the second season (we believe it was Josh, but we are not certain) and he resigned. I was the final player. Everyone thought it was fun when we first began to play. It can be daunting to new players. There's so much to do! So many places to learn about.

It had a devastating effect on me as well as many others, and that is the reason why a lot of my friends off. Even though I was not a pro I was a little naive and thought Draynor were Varrock. As a matter of fact, there was a person who was on Sal's Realm whose name was Thai Tong I'm sure many of you have met him ;)

He was the first person to show me how to get things done, and he helped me along the way. We've been in contact for a long time! He was always there when I needed help. Dungeoneering wasn't something that impressed me in the beginning, so I was taught by him.

I am an inactive participant who played from 2007-2011. I was only getting to know the game when Old School RuneScape Gold the Evolution of Combat updates came out. It appears that the game has been totally destroyed and it has me wondering whether it's worth playing again.