Three things players want to see have been added to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons was all over the world when it was first released. However, more than a year after the release, some old players began to feel that they had done everything they could to the game. ACItems is the preferred website for old players to buy ACNH Items For Sale. Due to the lack of activity, players hope that Nintendo will add new content to the game to prevent it from becoming obsolete. Below are the details of the three new pieces of content that have been added to the game. 


New seasonal events

Bunny Day starts with New Horizons.

Seasonal activities such as holidays are an indispensable part of the appeal of Animal Crossing. They consolidate the real-time progress of the game clock, create a unique atmosphere for the town as the weather changes, and make players look forward to it over time. 


Unfortunately, as Bunny Day proved that after players spend more than a year on the island, New Horizons holidays may start to become a bit formulaic. Most holidays are structured around finding the items needed to make a unique set of furniture, which makes them feel more like a routine event of obtaining special items than an organic cosmic holiday. Nintendo should add additional holidays or update existing holidays to make them worth looking forward to. 


More stores

Able Sisters' store in New Horizons.

The predecessor of New Horizons, New Leaf, includes a large number of additional permanent buildings for shopping outside of the buildings that the town started. In the huge difference between the two games, New Horizons does not allow players to add many new buildings beyond the museum, tailor, and shop trio available in each Animal Crossing title. 


Compared with past games, it's hard not to feel that New Horizons is particularly rare. Visiting NPCs like Label, Lief, and Kicks seem to be obvious candidates for receiving physical locations in the future, but so far, they have only stood outside the residential service building. Providing players with new stores will help make the island feel more crowded and enrich the progress of the game, so they are a must in future updates. 


Store upgrade

New Horizons' starting store.

Every Animal Crossing title before New Horizons allows players to upgrade the main store in their town to at least three floors. Starting from a humble cabin, even the earliest Animal Crossing game will develop a raccoon-run institution into a luxurious department store with matching additional items. 


Confusingly, the store in New Horizons can only be upgraded once. In addition to impairing the sense of the progress of the game, limiting store space can also ensure that Animal Crossing players have more limited ways to obtain new furniture. Although there is a lot of furniture in New Horizons, it usually feels like the choices are limited because the player's access to it is more controlled. 


The above are the three new activities that have been added. We hope that old players can find the fun of the game again. ACItems will continue to provide you with the cheapest Animal Crossing Bells, you can buy them at any time.