Water plants are a must-have for any garden pond. They add beauty and color to the water and make your pond a more natural environment. In addition, they can help filter out impurities from the water, which makes them an essential part of a healthy ecosystem.


You can plant tropical lilies in your pond to look more beautiful. You probably only consider the most common options when you think of water plants for your garden pond. But other exotic species can add a bit of flair to your pond. If you want to have more than one type of plant in your pond, you have to decide which ones will work best. Read on to know some of the amazing pond plants. 


Here Are Some Great Pond Plants:


  1. White Lily - The white lily is one of the most popular pond plants. It has large, white flowers in mid-summer and early fall. The leaves are large and round, with white edges on the underside. This plant prefers shade, so it’s best planted near the edge of your pond where light cannot reach it directly. 


  1. Siam Jasmine Lily - The siam jasmine has fragrant white flowers that bloom in late spring and summer. The leaves are oblong with pointed tips and grow 3 feet tall when mature. This plant does well in both full sun and partial shade locations. You can also use it to border your pond or water feature. 


  1. Red at Sunset Lotus - This red lotus has long leaves that float on the water's surface. Its small flowers bloom in summer and fall with unique petals that resemble a butterfly wing pattern when they open. Make sure this lotus has no more than 6 inches of water above the container. 


  1. Tropical Lily - These gorgeous lilies will bloom year-round in warm climates like Florida, but they're most beautiful during summer and fall when they're fully open. They grow up to 1 foot tall with leaves about 8 inches wide and long.


  1. Umbrella Palm - The umbrella palm is one of the most popular plants used in water gardens. It is easy to grow and will tolerate a wide range of conditions. The plant grows best in full sunlight and will take some shade. 



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